Why does Car Insurance keep going up?


Do you cringe when its time to see your renewal for your car insurance? If you see that the cost of your insurance has gone up 2, 4, 6 or even 10% don’t panic until you have visited or called us here at 518Insurance.com. When you have your renewal in your hand get in touch with us so we can do a free analysis of your Auto Insurance policy. If you live in Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Catskill or any other area in the “518” area code let us know so we can help. We have over 10 auto insurance companies to quote you with to see if you can save $200, $300 or $400 a year or more on your car insurance. We have a lot of people who thought they could save 15% at their last company and learned we can save them more. Here are a few of the reasons car insurance rates keep going up:

* Tickets on your MVR (Motor Vehicle Report)

* Accidents on your CLUE (Accident Report)

* DWI charges (Some companies look back as far as 5 years)

* Overall rate increases from the company your insured with often take 4, 5, 7 percent.

* New car change on your policy from prior term can increase your premium if you add full coverage.

* If you have changed your address if you moved during the prior term.

These are a few of the reasons insurance rates can go up. The good news is we can identify discounts you may be qualified for and hopefully save you more money. Call us at 518insurance.com or call us (518) 798-6300 and speak to a live local agent in the 518 area code not in a call center located in who knows where. We are local and will work to help you have the proper coverage and save you money!!

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