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Have you thought of how much will my Car Insurance cost when I get my permit or drivers license? We receive calls from students, teens and newly licensed or permit drivers on a daily basis at The main question: Why auto insurance so expensive? Well I hope we can help you understand things better by reading this article. When a driver first gets their permit or license the driver has very little experience on the roads and insurance companies know teen drivers have a higher rate of an accident due to lack of driving experience and they charge higher rates for the less experience you have at this point.  The type of car you try to insure also can increase your price as well especially if you need to have Comprehensive and Collision insurance better know as “Full Coverage”. The price would be cheaper if you insured an older car with more miles on it because the value has decreased on the vehicle. We do recommend having comprehensive on an older car with full glass coverage in case your window breaks and you need it repaired most of our clients agree that a broken windshield or most glass replacements in a car can be expensive. I would also like you to know has over 6 companies that we can quote you through to see who can offer you the best price. We offer brands such as Progressive Insurance, National General Insurance, Titan Insurance, Foremost Insurance, Mercury Insurance and Travelers Insurance names you know and names we as insurance professionals trust.  At this point I know you feel this is boring stuff but here are some tips to help younger drivers try to save money on car insurance:

  1. Visit or call us at 518-798-6300 and a local agent based in Albany NY will help you get started with a quote on your policy.
  2. We are going to ask you for things like your permit or drivers license number, social security number and your address information.
  3. We will also ask you for the Vehicle Identification Number on the vehicle which is important in the quoting process as well approximately how many miles are on the car. Please let us know if you will be driving the car to school how many miles one way, or if you will be driving the car to work how many miles one way.
  • We will be asking you if you have been listed as a driver on your parents or any one elses policy for at least 6 months before  you called for the quote. The good news is if you have you will qualify for a prior insurance discount and will help you save.
  • Our agent will also be asking if you would qualify for a Good Student Discount, Anti Theft security system, Completed the New York State Accident Prevention (6 Hour Course), Anti Lock Brakes, Daytime running lights or if you are a student away at school discount.
  • The most important overlooked discount is Paid in Full discount if you can afford to pay your policy in full for the term of 6 months. This can save 5-10% with some companies and this can help you save!!!!!
  • After we gather all your information we will quote your policy through our companies and let you know who who the most competitive prices for you. Our agent will take the time to discuss coverages, prices and payment options with you. We would also like to discuss this with your parents if they have any questions as well, we know they are your parents and still want to look out for your best interests.

We look forward to making your experience a positive one for you. Insurance for young drivers can be a tricky road and a road we look forward to helping you navigate. has clients from Plattsburgh, Glens Falls, Satatoga, Troy, East Greenbush, Hoosick, Hudson, Catskill, Cobleskill, Schenectady and many other towns in the “518” area code.

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